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About Us

Our Mission is
Going Above & Beyond Your Expectations

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We operate our business based upon these fundamental principles. We believe that everyone deserves quality service and personalized care that meets their needs.


We take pride in conducting our business legally and ethically. FIVE STAR SERVICE IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. CALL NOW!

We are local wholesalers and investors that work as a team in solving property problems such as Pre-foreclosure, Divorce, Probate, Inherited Properties, Foreclosure, Behind on Mortgage, Tax Liens, Moving out of state, or simply just needing a quick turnaround for cash.


We use cash/terms to purchase the equitable interest in properties and close within 7-30 days depending on the needs of our customers. Our customer base is within Washington State and All other states nationwide. 


National Five Star Properties, LLC

Do You or Someone You Know Have a “Pain in the Butt” House and needs to get rid of it?

* Behind on House Payments?  * Divorce or Dispute?

* Facing Foreclosure?  * Tired of Landlording?

* Job Transfer?  * Relocating?

* Double House Payments?  * Abandoned/Vacant Property?

* Property Inheritance?  * Out of State Ownership?

* Burned/Fire Damaged House?  * Need to Downsize?

* Behind on Taxes/Liens?  * Property in need of Major Repairs?

* Expired Realtor Listing?  * Job Loss?

* Probate/Estate Sale?  * Bad Tenants?

Or   …….Just Need OUT!!??


Get a CASH Offer >


Do any of these above situations apply?? We have helped many people in these types of situations, and we can help you too! We know how difficult and stressful selling a property can be, especially when it has to be done fast. You can learn more about National Five Star Properties.

We buy all types of single and multi-family residential real estate. Your house does not have to be in perfect condition. We will structure a few options for you to choose from. We can take the financial burden and real estate hassles of your monthly mortgage payments and/or repairs. We will take care of any rehab or maintenance, regardless of how minor or serious the repairs may be.

In many cases, if your house has a sufficient amount of equity, it may qualify for an ALL CASH OFFER! Don’t worry, even if you have little or No Equity, many times, we can step into your shoes, take over your existing debt, make your back payments (if any) and start making the monthly mortgage payments forward.  Now, you have financial relief and can get on with your life.

So, if you are tired of your
“pain in the butt” house and want to get rid of these hassles fast, click on the online sellers form Get An Offer, complete all information to the best of your knowledge, and someone will get back to you in 24 Hours. Keep in mind, if you are not satisfied with any of our offers, this is a FREE Consultation and No Obligation to sell.

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